Are you and your family considering staying at Que Syrah?  Do you want to celebrate your most special day together at one amazing wine country estate?

Wedding parties at always welcome! As long as we follow some pretty straightforward rules, We may be able to host your actual wedding festivities, as well.  We have put together this helpful Frequently Asked Question page about what is and what isn't allowed at Que Syrah.  We have had many happy wedding guests over the years. Our TripAdvisor and Yelp! reviews can attest to some memorable events at our beautiful venue. However, our venue is suited for a unique kind of wedding that may not be suited for everyone.

ALthough, over the past few years, the County of Riverside has been working on a re-zoning plan.  The plan sought to update the zoning laws of the unincorporated areas of the Temecula Valley to reflect the changes and industry that have flourished in Wine Country. An industry that didn’t exist when the old zoning laws were written. On March 11, 2014, the Board of Supervisors finally passed the new master plan, which effectively changed the rules for everyone who lives and works in Wine Country. That included us. 

Nevertheless, our Estate will continue to offer stays to families and friends who want to stay in one of the best locations (and highest rated properties) in Temecula. However, our property now falls outside the zone that allows for outdoor amplified music (i.e. outdoor wedding receptions.) As a result, we are no longer able to host the music portions of receptions outdoors. 

We would like to reiterate, however, that Que Syrah is a wonderful place to host your friends and families for a wedding weekend. We can still be the hub of an awesome wedding extravaganza.  In fact, we are still able to host rehearsal dinners, wedding brunches, and even ceremonies, just not outdoor amplified music (i.e. DJs and bands.)  We do have a large indoor room, for parties of up to 100, where wedding parties have successfully transitioned from outdoor dinner to indoor dancing. Click here to see photos.

Please also note: there are many wedding-only venues very close to our property. To see a list of some of the options we recommend here: If you want an outdoor reception and you think a dual location wedding weekend might meet your needs, we can guarantee we'll do everything in our power to work with you and your family to make it special. 


Do you host wedding ceremonies and receptions on-site?


We are able to host events of all kinds up to 100 guests (and up to 24 of those guests may stay overnight.)  We do have noise and timeline restrictions.  See below.  But in most cases, we can work with you to make your dream event a reality.

Do you have a minimum number of nights required to stay?


  • Weekday night stay: 1 night
  • Weekend night stay (Friday or Saturday): 2 nights
  • Weekend night stay with a wedding and/or reception: 3 nights

How many guests can stay at the property on my wedding weekend?

There are 9 rooms and 13 beds and we always say that 18-20 guests sleep very comfortably, depending on the configuration.  We're happy to send you a floor plan of the property.  However, the maximum is 24 (including children). 

Am I limited to only inviting 24 people if I want to have an event on the property?


We can have up to 100 non-overnight and overnight guests at the property at any given time.

Is there enough parking for 100 people?

Yes.  We are located on over 5 acres and we have two parking areas which can accommodate 40-50 cars on-site.

Are there extra fees if I want to have a rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and/or reception at the property? 


Generally pricing is done in a flat, per-guest format to make it easy on you to figure in all costs.  And pricing generally ranges from $10 - $35 per guest depending on the nature, length and staffing required to pull off a safe, fun and truly excellent event.  

In order to give you an exact idea of pricing, we need to know more about the following (which all affect staffing and, thus, pricing):

  • What is the nature of the event(s)?
  • How long will the event last?
  • Will you be providing lunch or dinner?
  • If so, will it be professionally catered or will it be a DIY (or potluck-style) affair?
  • Do you envision it indoors, outdoors or both?
  • Will you be serving alcohol?
  • Will you have amplified sound?

In the case of most events open to guests outside of the overnight guests, we do need to have a staff member at the property to both make sure they're present as a resource (i.e. should you need any help with the house logistics like electrical, plumbing, etc. and to enforce the house rules in regards to outdoor noise, smoking, etc.   We work hard to only price the event fees based on additional trash collection, additional insurance required, the event manager's or other staff member's time, and any additional clean up required beyond a typical group stay.

On our side, of course, it also helps us cover the additional liability from non-overnight guests, additional wear-and-tear on the house, setting up parking for all of your additional guests and extra trash removal.

What's included in my event fees?

In a nutshell, most events at the property include up to 100 nice, almost new white resin chairs for your use in your ceremony, dinner and reception, up to 10 - 60" round tables for your reception, a wedding arch, two large bar stations that can be moved anywhere on property, help with your layout, Q & A access for pre-wedding venue-related questions directly with your Event Manager for you and your vendors, and a sound system you may use for your ceremony and/or use to play your own playlist if you prefer not to hire a professional DJ for the evening. In the case of full weddings, your Event Manager will be at the property to oversee chair and table setup, assist vendors by directing them where to be and they will stay until the end of your event to handle any unexpected issues that may arise (not that we've had these problems, but for things like if a power source stops working, a toilet clogs, a lightbulb burns out, etc.) The event package fee is dependent upon the number of guests you will be hosting.

How many guests can you accommodate for my actual wedding ceremony and reception?


That number includes the bridal party, overnight guests and children.  Children over 2 years old count as a "person."

Am I allowed to have/serve alcohol?


If you are going to serve alcohol, we require that you have a licensed bartender serving alcoholic beverages. You can find your own or we can provide you one through a service we use frequently. The cost is $20 an hour with tip jar or $35 an hour without tip jar. That's just a passthrough cost on our part.

Do my guests need to leave the property at a certain time?


All receptions and dinners, especially with music need to end before 10:00 pm.  Any DJ's or bands need to be instructed that "last dance" can be started no later than 9:45 pm.  Riverside County has a noise ordinance in place for all of wine country that comes with hefty fines for audible noise after 10:00 pm.  We'll work with you and your vendors to keep everyone fine-free and on the right side of the law. Non-overnight guests are usually given a 30-60 minute grace period to leave the property following your event.

Do I need event insurance?


With the exception of rehearsal dinners (sans wedding), we require event insurance.  A liability policy for your event can be obtained online through vendors we can suggest or, in a lot of cases, through your existing insurance company very inexpensively (just to give you an idea, it's usually $75 - $150 to cover your personal liability and ours up to $2 million.)

If I just want to have a small rehearsal dinner at the property and it's only guests who are already staying with me, do I have to pay anything extra?


In such a case, we cannot provide extra tables and chairs or setup assistance, but we won't charge extra for dinners with 24 guests or less.

Do you have to have staff on-site while my event is going on?


Rehearsal dinners without music are the one exception.  However, for any wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner with a DJ or musical entertainment, and receptions require staff on-site.  Besides being a resource for anything you may need, logistically, at the property, they are also there to keep both the house and your guests safe.  Our staff is trained to stay out of your way, when appropriate, and anticipate your needs, when possible.

What other rules do we have to abide by?

We can provide you with a sample event contract, but most other rules besides outdoor noise, people limits and end times are relatively small and designed to protect the house from damage and you from getting charged for repair work.  Examples would be designated outdoor smoking areas or not poking holes in the walls to put up decorations.  Again, we can provide you with a complete list upon request.

Can I bring my dog to the ceremony, reception or the whole weekend?


However, written permission must be given in the "Short-Term Lease Agreement."  Pets are limited to dogs-only and there is a limit of 2.  There is an additional non-refundable "Pet Fee" of $200 per animal that covers the length of your stay.  Documented service animals will not be charged the "Pet Fee."

Can I see photos of past events?

Of course.

Click on the photos below to see more...

Front Lawn Ceremony Setup

Rear Lawn Dinner Setup

Dance Floor

Interior / Decor Examples